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What is a Weizsla?

The Weizsla or Vizmaraner is a new exciting hybrid between the Weimaraner and the Vizsla, two superb bred German and Hungarian breeds.  They have all the qualities that a hunter or family would want. They are highly intelligent, which makes training a breeze, they are playful and friendly with other dogs and very affectionate.

                Physically they are varying shades of chocolate with dark coco brown being the standard and are also very clean dogs with minimal grooming requirements. The eye color caries from green of the Weimaraner to hazel of the Vizsla. With a long life expectancy of twelve to fifteen years they have few health problems and with all of our dogs having hip, elbow and eye clearances on our parent stock.


                The Vizsla is a sleek, slender built dog with rust coloring that perfectly matches its eye color. The Hungarian or Magyar Vizsla, is a breed that lived and hunted with ancient Magyar tribes in the Carpathian Basin. Cat like in behavior, a Vizsla is a very clean dog, grooming itself like a cat, when hunting they look to sky, compared to a Weimaraner who looks to the ground.  Vizsla male's tend to be around 45-66 pounds and the females average 40-55 pounds.

                The Weimaraner is German bred and was bred to hunt with German nobles and aristocrats. The early breeding program of the Weimaraner was so specialized, that it was rare for anyone not of royal breeding to own such a wonderful dog. Initially bred to hunt wild elk and boar, when elk and boar disappeared, Germans switched to birds. Weimaraner's can be headstrong, and need a firm and consistent owner so a family with an established routine is an excellent choice. Depending on the size of the Weimaraner females average 42-50 pounds and males 48-60 pounds.

                Gaining in popularity Weizsla's are a man's dog outside,  a women's dog in the house and a stellar breed for children and active families. Very affectionate and loving this breed needs to be housed with families and not in kennels. They see themselves as part of the family pack and like nothing better to cuddle on the couch with their human families. They are not hyper as some postings on the internet state, but like twenty minutes or more a day of running, walking or active play. The Weizsla seems to get more of the Vizsla's temperament, but both breeds love close human contact, to run and play on land and water and to be with their human pack.People will stop you when you own a Weizsla and ask you all about him or her, so be prepared for that.



Reserving Your Weizsla


All of our puppies come from parents will have O.F.A. (Orthopedic Foundation of America) ratings for hips, eyes and elbows.

  • They come with three sets of shots, one D.H.L.P. , one Kennel Cough and one Neopar. (Parvo shot)
  • They come with A.C.A. papers (American Canine Association) and a pedigree.
  • They are micro chipped through A.K.C. Reunite.

Steps to reserve a Corbett Creek puppy

  1. Peruse our website
  2. Call or email interest
  3. We will respond, informing you of litter availability
  4. We take names and puppies are chosen according to position on the list
  5. We do not accept deposits until the female is confirmed pregnant (usually at five weeks). The deposit is 200.00 and is payable by cash, check, or paypal.  **Please be sure before you commit that deposits are non-refundable but, are transferable to another litter. Deposits are refundable if the desired sex or the puppy is not born or, if a person is allergic with a doctors note.
  6. Puppies go home at eight weeks, when we will have a puppy party. Final payment must be cash, bank check, money order or paypal with an additional three percent.

The interest in our Weizsla's is growing like crazy!! There are over a dozen shipped last year mostly to the West coast. I would like to thank all of my current Weizsla owners for spreading the good word on how happy they are with their beautiful pups and growing dogs. Each pup comes with our great guarantee, three sets of shots and kennel cough. Superior pedigree moms & dads with all their clearances. Please look at litters we have coming and book into our spring / summer litters.

Weisla Puppy's are priced at $1,450 plus 6 percent VT sales Tax.

Please contact Mary at (802) 584-4995 or email for more information.


Updated 4/21/18

Boy what a difference a week makes! This bunch is a pocket of energy. Addelle as usual is a loving and attentive mom but, at night is enjoying snip-its of cuddling with me. As soon as she hears one of her brood whimper she checks on them. We also had eyes open and they are enjoying their first meals. It usually takes a litter a week to find and really eat the puppy mash we serve them but, this litter just chowed down the first day. They are starting to move around and seeing their world even though it isn't that large at the moment. I enjoy seeing them all nursing with mom and being safe and content.

Added 4/10/2018

One week update 4/10/2018. Addelles brood is growing quickly and are darkening in color. We are very proud of them and will have updated photos weekly. Thank you puppy family members!!!

Added 2/4/18

We are happy to announce that we will have one litter of Weislas from Addelle and Jack. Pups will be born around the first week of April andwill be ready the first week of June. We are happy to keep pups a few extra weeks for teachers and others involved in Education. Please inquire about this. This will be a stunning repeat breeding. Please call Mary to get you name on my list. No deposits are taken until she is confirmed pregnant at 5 weeks.

Added 3/13/2018

We have a stunning female left from Emma Lou and Jacks Litter. She is sweet dark chocolate and just a clone of her

beautiful mother Emma Lou (OFA excellent). She is 13 weeks old with 4 sets of shots and kennel cough vaccine, micro-chipped and vet checked. She is a snuggler and would be wonderful with children and other pets. This past weekend we had a family look at Vizslas and asked to hold he. They stated that she felt like Velvet. She is reduced $100 dollars to $1350.

This is our last litter for our stunning, petite and loving Freida. Freida lives with my aunt but is co-owned with me. We have three girls available from Autumn oak Black Tye Affair and Autumn oak Frolicking Freida. The pups are 10 weeks old and are vet checked, microchipped with 3 sets of shots and a kennel cough vaccine. These girls are very well socialized, crate trained and would be wonderful with small children. Please call to come and visit with them.



Brittany and Brian's pup.

Kona - enjoying a paddle on the lake!


Terry L.

Kona's favorite pass time. Catching Frisbee.

Terry L.


Kona was the Christmas present last year...this year she is helping decorate the Christmas tree.

Kona Update:11/2017

Thought I would let you know, Kona is the best. She is so strong, fast, and loves on everyone. My wife, Kris runs with her almost every day. Kris typically runs about 10 miles and Kona will do 20. Everyone who meets her is amazed what a great dog she is.

Hi Mary,

  Teddy is growing!! We are still trying to find the best food for him. We are in training class. He had spurts of wildness, when he bites alot and jumps. Not sure what to do about that. Anyway we love him very much and are committed to good training.

Brittany H.

This is Arimor Jack's son at 4 months
This is Arimor Jack's son at 4 months
This is Arimor Jack's son at 4 months

Ellie is an amazing dog.  She is sweet and fun loving! Easy to train, great around everyone!  She has never chewed up anything.  She is a lot of fun, loves to run around and play with sticks.



Hi Mary!

I have attached a few photos of Piper, our four month old Weizsla that we purchased from you.  Not only is she absolutely beautiful, but she is a joy!  Piper has so much personality and is so much fun to watch. It is obvious when watching her, that she is from champion lines.  Thank you so much for breeding such a beautiful, calm and intelligent puppy.  She is going to be tall, as her legs go on forever!
Her microchip number is xxxxxx14 and we have registered her with AKC.

Traci O

Mary, Teddy is famous! He was photographed in the common. He appears on ""


Weislas in addition to being loyal, intelliegent and faithful ,are all ears if you need to talk.

Hello Mary!

Wiley and Gryffin have grown like wild-fire and are the sweetest dogs we have ever owned.  The combination of Vizsla and Weimarenar has resulted in two beautiful, smart and loving dogs. Their coats are amazing and easy to keep clean.  The litter-mate pups have totally bonded with each other and our entire family, including our mini dachshund. This is a fabulous breed and I hope you will continue the mission of making the Weizsla a recognized breed!

Warm regards,
Pamela L

Hi Mary,
My dad told me that you asked for some Fungo pictures...I've attached a couple of my favorites. He sure is a big ball of fun!!

Hope all is well!

Hi Mary,

 Hope you had a great Christmas.  Russell is doing great!  We had to do  2 rounds of training, but he is finally well behaved and such a love bug (slightly paranoid and neurotic-he is always nervous about me and what I am up to).  We moved so he has a big (for a city) fenced in yard.  I couldn't imagine our life without him!  People ask me about him all the time so hopefully sent some people your way!  He's head comes mid thigh on me, and he is about 65lbs of pure muscle.
Here are some recent pictures:
 Christmas 2015

Here is a great picture of our beloved Woody. He is a GREAT pup!!!


Katie K.

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