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Weiszla As A Service Dog


I recently had the privelidge to corrospond with Katie B. Her wonderful service dog, a Weiszla named Dexter, was injured in a car accident and may have to retire earlier than anticipated. His story and her description of Dexter is just one of the reasons I choose to breed this combination of dog. So get a tissue and read, watch their story. Mary


Hi Mary,


My name is Katie and I have a weizsla named Dexter, he is 4 years old right now and is my service dog. He is *incredible*. I am currently doing research right now into his successor as he was injured in a car accident last year and will likely have to retire earlier than planned, although for now he is sound for work, he may develop arthritis early or decide he’s done sooner than normally expected. I need to purchase a puppy 2 years prior to his retirement, so I expect I’ll need to purchase a puppy in the next 2-3 years.


My question is this: I have never met any other weizslas in person before; I have no idea if my dog’s temperament is the norm for this cross. I am semi-familiar with both weimeraners and viszlas.


Dexter is extremely high energy; however he has a good off-switch. What I mean by this is that your arm will fall off before he is done chasing the ball, and he can pull my wheelchair for miles and miles, yet, he can also stay in a down stay under my desk in the office for the entire work day (and under the table in the café at lunch…), sleep with me on the couch or in bed on days when I’m not well, and just for the most part quiet in the house.

He is incredibly smart, and also very biddable and obedient.

He’s very “soft” correction is abhorrent to him

He has a moderate prey drive, but listens well (i.e. he doesn’t kill my chickens, though I’m pretty sure it’s his secret desire to eat them)

He is not as birdy as my English pointer (which is nice)

He is fairly confident in most situations (train travel, air travel, rock concerts [wearing ear protection] major league sporting events, Penn state football games, fireworks ext) , not overly timid and isn’t noise sensitive

He has absolutely zero aggression or protective instinct (this is important in a service dog)

He’s about 70lbs, and *incredibly* strong (prior to the accident, he pulled my bike, without being asked, at 13.5mph for 7 miles, including hills….lol, that was the only time I saw him tired)

He’s very cuddly and a bit of a Velcro dog, but not demanding of affection from strangers and everyone else like a golden or lab

He’s fastidiously clean and doesn’t seem to shed very much

He’s a goofball, but extremely obedient and professional while working, it’s kind of hard to explain, but he’s got a very amusing personality. He’s always making me laugh.


I got him at 10 months old as a rescue, and I didn’t know that people intentionally bred his cross and I am extremely excited about the potential to get a dog similar to him, as he’s amazing. I’ve included a link to a YouTube video that has a lot of pictures of him, since like I said, he was a rescue, and we were told he was half weimeraner half vizsla, and from what I can see, I think the reported cross was accurate, but I am not an expert in these breeds.

If what I described of Dexter is typical of this cross, and you agree with me and the shelter that that is likely what he is, I would love to talk with you about the process to be on a waiting list. As stated previously, I think my timeline is approximately 2 years.


Thank you for reading this and for your time.



Hi Mary,

 Thank you so much for your kind words and extraordinarily generous offer, I am completely blown away!! You most certainly can feel free to use my video on your website, as I too happen to think this cross is awesome

Again, thank you so much for offering to breed a litter of larger puppies, that is extremely awesome! I will indeed need a slightly larger dog to drag my broken butt around haha ;)

 My phone number is 610-xxx-xxxx, and I work from home, so anytime is fine.

 Kindest regards, and thanks again!!


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