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About the Vizsla


General Appearance

Vizslas are a medium sized, elegant gundog of noble appearance with a short russet gold coat. This rather light, dry, lean structure embodies the harmony of beauty and strength.



The Hungarian Vizsla is a versatile gundog that must be able to work in field, forest and water and have the following typical qualities. He is a medium sized hunting dog from Hungary. They are grouped with the American Kennel Club as a Sporting Dog, they were classified as dual hunters one as a pointer and a retriever. They were bred to be the smallest all around pointer-retriever breeds.


The Vizsla is a natural hunter with an excellent hunter and high intelligence. They are easily trained and often called the "Velco" dog because they are so attached to humans, and form close bonds with their owners. Robust and lightly built they are lean with refined muzzle, long necks and resemble the Weimeraner.


History of the Vizsla

Vizslas often called the Velcro dogs because they are so affectionate, thrive on an active family. They are full of life and very devoted and affectionate to his/her family. Their short is easy to care for. The Vizsla ranked number thirty four out of one hundred and seventy five AKC, but is rapidly gaining in their popularity due to their smart, living nature, stellar family and hunting dog along with their medium size and ease of care.



According to the AKC, the ancestors of the Viszla are assumed to have been hunters and companions of the Magyar Hatcher which swarmed over Central Europe more than a thousand years ago and settled into what is now Hungary. The breed was a favorite of early barons and warlords who deliberately or by accident preserved its purity through the years. The breed's wonderful hunting ability was encouraged by the agricultural and pastoral hillside. The breed evolved into one suited to the climate conditions and available game. A swift and cautious dog, they are wonderful hunters. When I watch them in the field it always amazes me--their speed and attentiveness to the sky, looking for birds. Importation began in 1950, admitted into the AKC in 1960 and due to dedicated breeders, the breed has soared in popularity.



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