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In Loving Memory

Our hearts go out To Craig and Catherine, who recently lost their beloved Keo to a fire in their home. He was 14 months old and much loved by them. Our Thoughts and Prayers are with them during this Time .The staff at Proctor Academy has also been very helpfull to Craig & Catherine in their time of loss. Keo is the offspring of Pearl and Jack.

Hi Mary,
It was great to hear your voice again today and catch up.  As you know from today we aren't ready right now for a dog but, when winter ends I know our heart will be looking for that void that needs to be filled.  We miss our Keo everyday and there are passing moments that happen when all I can do is smile because what we had was something so special.  He never had to live on a leash mostly because he was by our side, frolicking though the grass or even pointing and chasing birds.  God he loved such a happy life and we wouldn't do anything or change any way we raised him.  I think it is because of the way he was raised by you and Pearl.  We love you so much for giving us an opportunity to not only love you dog but, treat him if he was one of our own in so many ways.  He did everything with us.

Here are some great photos of Keo and us and the happy life he lived but it was to short for us.  I hope these photos can bring joy to the life he had. 
Thanks for all of the love you have given us!! We look forward to loving our next one the same but I think even more now considering the loneliness in our hearts.
We love you Mary

Updated 11/12/2016

Good news update! We are all happy for Craig and Kathleen, They are recovering from their loss of Keo and appreciate the love and support from their family, friends and colleagues at their school. They were married this past summer and had a wonderful honeymoon. They will be getting a Jack son in the spring, which has been donated by a loving couple, Peitro and Heather Lynn. Thank you Heather and Peitro for you kindness and generosity.



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