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Our vizsla Ruby, just passed the A.K.C Gold Star Puppy test! We finished out a six week puppy school class with a great trainer out in Falmouth, Maine called Poetic Gold.
The puppies were tested on several basic commands like sit, stay, heal, down etc. Then we did some other tests including a social anxiety test, touching of paws/ears/ mouth, a loud noise test, and a leash test 5ft. away from other people.
We're pretty excited---Ruby is doing really well. She has been sleeping from 10pm-5am lately which is nice and she walked into her crate on her own last night for the first time. She is housebroken and is gaining weight. She's up to 18.5 pounds!
The Fullmans

I just wanted to give you an update on Rex. In short, he is awesome! He is handsome, smart and sweet. We are having so much fun with him and our children are learning and gaining responsibility taking care of Rex. Now with the weather getting better we are able to spend more time outdoors. Gabe is able to play with him outside on a daily basis and both yesterday and today we went on a long walk in the conservation land behind our house which we all enjoyed in very much. The kids love him. Gabe always is playing with him and Angelina is like a mother, always watching out for him and keeping out of trouble.

My best,


Updated: 1/27/2016

Mary's hospitality and customer service are impeccable. Between her down to earth attitude and her home style cooking, she will make anyone feel welcome. I was pleasantly surprised when I went to visit my puppy and I was welcomed with fresh baked apple crisp. Mary’s staff is eager to help and very knowledgeable about the different breeds provided. Having visited twice and purchased a puppy from Mary, I would strongly encourage anyone interested in one of the breeds she has to offer, that you go visit Corbett Creek Kennel. You will be amazed at the selection.  Choosing a puppy and welcoming them into your home should be an exciting event. Mary and her staff will ensure you find the right puppy for you and celebrate with you as you welcome them into your home.
Nicholas Spinosa

April, 2015

Hi Mary, I just sent you some pictures of Ellie. She is doing great. I have absolutely fallen in love with that little bundle of joy. She is so precious. I took her to Walmart today and was stopped by so many people asking about her. People are so intrigued with her. I told everyone who asked about her your name and the name of your Kennel. One couple was very interested and said they would contact you. If you want to send me business cards I would happily hand them out. Thanks for what you do so that people like me can benefit from all your hard work!

Nicole S.



Hello Mary, today is Ellies first Birthday. We are so blessed to have her in our lives. We can't imagine life without her. She has such an awesome personality and brings us so much love and joy every day. Can't imagine life without her. This would not be possible without all your love and hard work to breed the perfect pup so others can benefit from it. Anyone looking for the perfect addition to your family, please consider one of Mary's pups, you won't be disappointed!!! This is Ellie enjoying her birthday doggie ice cream!
Nicole S

Mary, Here are some pictures of kona. She is doing great!

From Wendy, Joey & Samantha.

Kona is the daughter of Mickie & Jack, spring 2015

We at Autumn Oak want to congratulate Emma, Andrew and Brock on their engagement and their move to Colorado. I will miss puppy siting for you Brock while Mom and Dad went skiing in Vermont You will be missed!!!


Hey Mary,

Roo continues to get more beautiful every day. i get a lot of compliments and people ask where did i get her ... Autumn Oak Vizslas! Tell Mickey and Jack they are great!

Steve M

(My duaghters dressed her up)


Hi Mary,

I hope you all is well when you receive this e-mail.
I just wanted to give you an update on Gunner (he was part of Emerald and Jack's litter from December).
He has been such a joy and we are so so happy with him.  We get compliments CONSTANTLY on what a beautiful dog he is.  We bring him to the state/dog park near our house almost every day and there are several other Viszlas that we see there and Gunner is definitely the best looking of all of them (but maybe I am a little bias :).  His coat is such a gorgeous color and he has been such a delight.  Very easy to train and so affectionate.  We are really happy with him.
I have attached a couple recent pictures of him, I hope you enjoy!
Tom & Jacqui 

Lola is a sweetheart loves to cuddle and play with other dogs. Thanks Mary.


Sara B.

Hi Mary! I have attached a photo of biscuit. You were quite right about him filling out, mentioning his father was a late bloomer - he slowly is getting his adult chest depth. 
Thanks very much,


a tex son at one year old, Biscuit B.L. All of texs boys have steallar heads, deep chests and are muscular with a great temperment


We bought Red from you and couldn't be happier. He is everything we ever wanted, smart, loving and he is a joy to own and watch in the woods. Red is all dog outside but loves to snuggle with us at night. Where ever we take him we get stopped.Thank you again for our our new weisla Bo He to is a joy and fits right into our family.
Red love's to be outside in the backyard! Did you ever get any of your boys back if so Red would like a playmate.
Dale & Deb M

Red is the son from Jack & Pearl

Hi Mary!

Ruby is doing great. She is growing up to be such a little love bug. Just like Mickie, she sits on me as much as possible. She's certainly a " butt girl" in every sense of that phrase. She is beautiful in terms of her features, people have asked us several times if we're going to show her (which we're not). Her eyes are so expressive and beautiful. They're pretty much completely brown now. We got her spayed around eight months and everything went smoothly with that process. She's even come with us on a few vacations to Vermont and New York. 
Do you have an Instagram account where people can connect who bought pups from Autumn Oaks? We're found a few people there with pups from liters close to Ruby ( that look just like her). There's quite a few Vizsla families that we've found in the Greater Portland Maine area. 
Attached are some pics of Ruby for the website if you'd like! Enjoy! She was in the Mickie and Jack liter from 8/18/2014.
Meaghan F.

This is Nala. A Daughter of Jack & Pearl. 


Ruby is great! She and Ellie have really taken to each other. She sleeps with me at night so I can take her out once around 2am. She is super about going outside to potty, even though she's such a baby. She is so gorgeous, Mary, we are over the moon pleased with her! She seems to really love being part of our family. Whether she's playing with the toddler, hanging out with Ellie, or snuggling with me and Marcus. 
Katja, our older Vizsla has the Aspen line in her. Katja is still getting used to the baby, but I love seeing them together because Katja was once that annoying little puppy to our oldest who died, Molly. So, it is Katja's time to be the big sister! (payback lol)

I can't thank you enough. She is divine. I am so fortunate to have met you and to have one of your beautiful babies.

Catherine D. VT

Hi Mary,
I hope you are well! Copper has been doing so well since I brought him home four weeks ago! He had an awesome holiday season and he has already grown so much. He is set for his 12 week checkup next Friday, the 22nd, and we think he will be up over 17 pounds.
Copper is full of energy, he's healthy, and loves going out on walks in the woods. I have been able to get him introduced to birds and he has enjoyed pointing in our backyard with pheasant wings.
Attached are pictures of Copper, he is such a great boy!
Thank you again for all your help since we connected back during the early stages of fall. I will keep you updated with pictures as he continues to grow!
Say hi to the crew up there for me! Wishing you well,
Nick N.

Here is Cooper relaxing in front of our Christmas tree with our son Max. He is a love - we love him!
Merry Christmas!
Dagmar S. and Family


Good morning Mary,
Wanted to give you a quick update on our girl! We are sending in Tiller's AKC paperwork this weekend so that she'll be registered and good to go! She is all caught up on her vaccines and is a healthy 16 pounds and growing like a weed! She is just starting to loose her puppy teeth which seems to be right on schedule, it's really cute. She is SO SMART. We have her in a 5 week class with a private trainer who is awesome with her, and Tiller is so responsive and learning a lot. She has such a stable temperament and is so sweet and patient. Everywhere we take her, people ask her where we got her, and we give them your contact with the highest recommendations! Thank you guys again!
Sydney & Patrick

Tiller Update 7/2016: Added six photos to gallery.

Hi Mary!
Hope you're doing well and enjoying the summer. Tiller (Willow & Tex's) is amazing and loving the warm weather activities- hiking, swimming, beach, sunbathing. We're hoping to take her out on the paddle boards soon. I did want to let you know that we'll be moving soon and to give you our new address in case you needed it for whatever reason. More yard space for Tills too which we're thrilled about. She is the happiest dog ever! So loving and sweet- she gets a long with everyone and every dog. Happy and healthy!

Sydney & Patrick

Tiller Update 11/07/2106 Added 11 photos

Tiller turns 1 today and we love her more and more every single day! Thank you for such a wonderful little girl!

Tiller is a daughter from Pearl & Jack's litter. Winter 2015

Hi Mary,
It's been almost a month since I've had my pup. He adjusted very quickly and is doing well. As you can see, he's made himself right at home. I named him Tanner. We're having a lot of fun together.

Alan L, York, Maine

We bought a Viszla puppy from you this past November & I wanted to send you some pictures. We named her Sheba and we really love her!
Christie C

Dear Mary,
        We LOVE our doggie!--He is the best thing to ever happen to us!!! today we took him hiking and he had a blast!! He is incredibly smart and loves puppy class!!--he is quickly learning to sit! We couldnt even imagine our life without him!! thank you SOOO much for our beautiful and smart puppy! We cannot wait to enjoy the rest of our lives with him!  SO many people stop us to say how cute and smart he is!! Moose is really loving and full of energy!!--I'm so happy he will be there through all of our life experiences! Thank you Mary!!!--We will probably be back for another Vizsla!!!! :-)

warmly, Ryan & Carly

Hi Mary,

I hope all is well with you. Our little Vila that we got from you two summers ago is doing great! She is just the best dog - everything I could have hoped for. I've even converted my parents into wanting a vizsla. They lost their 15 yo lab last month and are looking to get a vizsla as their next dog. Will you have any females available this summer?  I look forward to hearing from you!

Jessica G

This is a 4 and a half month old son of Jack and Emerald owned By Dave in Mass.

Hi Mary,

      “Tucker” (the male Vizsla we bought from you and Joan) is the star of his puppy kindergarten. He is also doing complex retrieves and hiking happily across narrow, scary, wobbly grates that cross streams, and searching fields with tall grass for birds, now. He has a special LED lit harness that he wears at dusk and night so that he is visible. We have never met such a loving, gentle and smart – and extremely vigorous but calm, thankfully – dog! We are so impressed with him! Will you and Joan have a similar litter next year?

– Martha

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